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(click on this link to access the patient portal)


As a courtesy to our patients, Upper East Side Gynecology offers a web-based portal.

The patient portal can be used to:

  • Register as a new patient
  • Electronically sign and submit new patient forms prior to your first visit to reduce registration time
  • Update demographic and insurance information
  • Securely view test results
  • Contact the office staff
  • Ask Dr. Archibald or Dr. Wells a question
  • Request prescription refills
  • Pay your bill

New Patients

We encourage you to schedule an appointment and/or to complete the registration paperwork online prior to your first visit. Once you enter the portal, select "create an account" under the Sign In menu. You will be prompted to answer the question, "Are you currently a patient of Upper East Side Gynecology?" If you have already scheduled your appointment on the phone, you should answer "Yes." If you have not scheduled an appointment or communicated with the office, select "No." Please follow all further prompts. We look forward to meeting you at your first appointment.

Test Results

Upper East Side Gynecology uses ResultsCall(TM) to deliver your confidential test results. Once your results are reviewed by the doctor, the system will notify you that your test results are available for retrieval either by phone or via the internet. At that time, you can click on the portal link, log on or register, and view your results. Alternatively, you can call the toll-free access number for Results Call(TM) at 877-743-3198 to access your results.

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